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Environmental Graduates in Himalaya

Enviromental Graduates in Himalaya


To protect environment and biodiversity in the Himalaya by building knowledge-based human resources amongst graduates through research, training and mentorship.



Established in February 2008 as a sister organization of Resources Himalaya Foundation, Environmental Graduates in the Himalaya (EGH) is an independent forum for all young graduates. With 472 members from Nepal, Australia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Austria, Germany, Korea and United States of America, EGH has established itself as the active science-based youth forum in Nepal. The membership is free and is open to the individuals who have bachelor's degree in any discipline and who are currently enrolled in master's degree program. EGH gets support fund from Resources Himalaya and other contributions from on-going EGH research projects.

EGH is led by its coordinator. All graduate members are also entitled to compete for nomination/election for the post of EGH coordinator. The EGH Coordinator Honour Roll includes: Mr Dhan B. Shrestha 2008; Mr Yogesh Dangol 2008; Mr Bhuwan Dhakal 2009; Ms Sangita Maharjan 2009; Ms Barsha Parajuli 2010; Ms Kanchan Ojha 2011; Mr Anuj Pradhan 2011; Mr Raju Jati 2012; Ms. Medinee Prajapati 2012; Mr. Biraj Shrestha 2013 and  Ms Anju Rana 2013; Ms. Upama K.C. 2014 and Ms Meena Bohara 2014 ; Mr Chitra Magar 2015 and Ms Kalpana KC 2015; Ms Ishu Sireng 2016 and Ms Rasmi Kunwar is the present Coordinator of this group. 


EGH has been mentored by governing board members of RHF, led by Dr. Pitamber Sharma (Regional planning, Population and Tourism), Dr. Ram Chhetri (Sociology, Community and Development), Dr. Dinesh Raj Bhuju (Ecology), Mr. Umesh Mandal (Geography),Mr. Dhan B. Shrestha (Biodiversity) and Ms Patanjali Yonzon Shrestha (Programme Officer).

On Going Activities:

In the last four years, EGH carried out standout performances in the sector of environment and biodiversity. EGH weekly publishes the e-newsletter, conducts conservation forum on a monthly basis, provides quantitative biology, GIS and SPSS trainings four times a year and carry out graduate open house programs on annual basis. It also maintains the digital library for the reference reading for graduates. Further, it regularly endorses research activities and host different seminars.


EGH For Graduates