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Dedicating Conservation Chautari to Dr. Pralad B. Yonzon Memorial

Dedicating Conservation Chautari to Dr. Pralad B. Yonzon Memorial

In memory of Dr. Pralad B. Yonzon, On 31st October, Mrs. Dhan Shobha Lama (mother of Dr. Pralad B. Yonzon) inaugurated Conservation Chautari (building) as Dr. Pralad Yonzon Memorial Conservation Chautari. The event commenced in the presence of family members, Board members, fellow conservationists, media and conservation aspirants. 

"Every corner of this building echoes Dr Yonzon,” said Dr Bhuju, Board Member of Resources Himalaya, “When we were constructing this building, he took care of everything, he designed it, worked on it”.

It was Dr Yonzon who recorded tigers at the highest altitudes in Bhutan and pioneered research on the endangered red panda through an intensive two-year field study. He was a designer and planner of national parks in the country and abroad. 

“A perfectionist, he was extraordinarily dedicated and aggressively open-minded and always tried to bring youths into the forefront of conservation biology, spending most of his time training young scientists,” said Dr Pitambar Sharma, former vice-chairman of the National Planning Commission, who currently chairs Resources Himalaya.

Yonzon received the MacArthur Award in 2007 and provided $350,000 he received in award money for building the Conservation Chautari, where young scientists are now doing research. 

“A great inspirer who taught me to stand on my own feet and never compromise on knowledge, his inspiration is helping me learn more conservation science and promote good science,” said Ranjit Pandey.

“Environmental changes immediately outside [nature] reserves seemed nearly as important as those inside in determining their ecological fate, with changes inside reserves strongly mirroring those occurring around them.” Said Dr. Sharma, “Continuing to work to promote good science would be a real tribute to Dr Yonzon,” said Dr Sharma,Chairman, Resources Himalaya Foundation.

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