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People and Protected Areas in South Asia. ISBN 99946-32-53-1

The 177 page book published in 2005 is a joint publication of Resources Himalaya Foundation and IUCN World Commission on Protected Ares. This book is a result of several selected papers presented in several regional and national meetings. It includes twenty three papers in six cross-cutting thematic areas which include protected area governance; developing a broader participation to manage protected areas; building broader support for protected areas and conservation education; world heritage site; building of secure financial future and landscape level conservation. Edited by UR Sharma and PB Yonzon.


Discovery of the Drukgyal Deer in Bhutan Himalaya. ISBN 99933-412-0-7. Out of Print

GIS Databse of Protected Areas Nepal.  Out of Print                 

Hydropower in Nepal. Out of Print

Nepal's Biodiversity and Protected Areas. Out of Print