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RHF: Annual Report 2012




It has been almost two years since that fateful day in October 2011 when we lost Dr Pralad Yonzon, our founder. It took considerable time and effort to lift ourselves from the pall of gloom that descended on us. This Annual Report reflects not only our continued commitment to pursue the mission for which Resources Himalaya Foundation (RHF) was established by the late Pralad Yonzon, but also the concrete ways in which we are moving forward in achieving the strategic goals of our institution.

In 2011 we had charted a five-year Strategic Plan for RHF that identified three priority thematic areas, namely, Monitoring of biodiversity and conservation, Addressing contemporary issues in conservation and development, and Capacity building and mentoring for the new generation. A number of specific activities in each of the priority areas have also been indicated in the Strategic Plan. This annual report basically sketches our preliminary steps towards the journey envisioned by the strategic plan.

RHF was founded with a unique purpose -  that of building and nurturing the new generation of professionals in the field of environment and livelihoods. We are perhaps the only institution with such a purpose in this part of the Himalayas. The possibilities are immense. But in order to realize our potential we have to attract young researchers and professionals fired by the same zeal that fired Dr Yonzon when he initiated the RHF. As a small institution, all we have is space, space for new ideas and initiatives, space for innovation, and space for taking up the challenges in environment and livelihoods in a fast changing world made more precarious by climate change. Once we have such human resources, we believe finances will follow.

In the last year we have made some new beginnings mainly in the participatory studies of climate change and the design of local area plan of action for dealing with the effects and implications of climate change. Similarly, we have also been involved in the new area of trainings related to the management of land acquisition, resettlement and rehabilitation. We hope to continue these initiatives in the future also.

In addition to reporting on our achievements in the past year, I also hope that this annual report will serve as an invitation for the dynamic, young researchers and professionals to join the efforts of RHF in building the new generation that can secure the environment to meet the  livelihood challenges in the Himalayas.

 Prof Dr Pitamber Sharma


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