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Vultures, Castes & Outcaste

Vulture decline in south Asia is purely attributed to diclofenac carcass posioning and loss of nesting trees. But human intervention to save them, have run into issues of exclusion of the Dalits (untouchables) who have been the custodian of  the vulture conservation in the Nepal Himalaya. A brillinat paper by Sharda Poudel who combines her ecological research with social stigma of exclusion by the conservation culture of Kathmandu-based experts.......Download PDF to read more......

Habitat Himalaya, a fact file, is published three times a year. Contemporary nature conservation and sustainable development issues connected with livelihood across the Himalaya are deliberated to inform a select group of knowledge holders in some 30 countries. All papers published in the Habitat Himalaya, are comprehensively reviewed and edited.

Habitat Himalaya is a self-funded project since 1994 and has become a flagship publication of the Foundation. The download is in PDF format. If you wish to receive a copy of the paper without water mark security, send us a note through “Write Us” at our home page. Thank you for your support to nature conservation in the Himalaya.


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