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Destroying Remnant Forest

The new issue (vol. 16 no.3) of Habitat Himalaya entitled "Destroying A Remnant Sacred Forest" by Sagar Shrestha details that there are no viable forest in Kathmandu Valley floor except in Sleshmantak of Pashupati Temple, a World Heritage Site and the holiest Hindu shrine. The forest is fragmented because politics led to digging a motorable road right through it and Mirgashthali (abode of deer), the core of Sleshmantak  is devastated by introducing over hundred of non-native deer and antelopes. They are razing the last remnant forest of Kathmandu......Download PDF to read more.....

Habitat Himalaya is published three times a year. Contemporary nature conservation and sustainable development issues connected with livelihood across the Himalaya, are deliberated to inform a select group of knowledge holders in some 30 countries. All papers published in the Habitat Himalaya, are comprehensively reviewed and edited.

Habitat Himalaya is a self-funded project since 1994 and has become a flagship publication of the Foundation. The download is in PDF format. If you wish to receive a copy of the paper without water mark, please log in at our home page. Thank you for your support to nature conservation in the Himalaya.


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