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RHF: Annual Report 2013 - 14


Annual Report 2013/14 is in your hands. This report is a reflection of our continued commitment to pursue the mission for which RHF was established by the late Pralad Yonzon. It is in a way a report card of how we are moving forward in achieving the strategic goals of our institution, particularly in the three priority thematic areas outlined in our five-year strategic plan, namely, monitoring bio-diversity and conservation, addressing contemporary issues in conservation and development, and capacity building and mentoring for the new generation. While we have done fairly well in the area of capacity building and mentoring, it is in the first two areas that our efforts have remained rather limited.

Dr Pralad Yonzon, our founder, envisioned Resources Himalaya as a think-tank on issues of environmental conservation, and an independent agency monitoring the state of bio-diversity and conservation. Monitoring and assessment is a resource intensive activity in terms of human as well as financial resources, and I believe it is the former that draws the latter. Thus far we have been able to establish a forum for researchers to share information, data and assessment. A major task is to bring together a pool of competent researchers with the ability to develop and implement protocols for monitoring and assessment based on the most recent scientific knowledge; and in taking up contemporary conservation and livelihood challenges for rigorous scientific enquiry.  Resources Himalaya provides a forum and an environment for such endeavors. We are at present a very small institution with only voluntary professionals. All we have is space – space for new ideas and initiatives, and space for innovation. We are always on the lookout for young professionals fired by the passion for taking up the challenge of developing programmes, attracting resources and implementing ideas.

Resources Himalaya Foundation is dedicated to building and nurturing the new generation of professionals in the field of environment and livelihoods. We are perhaps the only institution with such a purpose in this part of the Himalayas. Through our sister organization, Environmental Graduates in Himalaya (EGH), we attract a large number of enthusiastic young graduates in all our programme activities. The more we can engage them and enthuse them, the better will we be able to fulfill our mission. I would like to express our gratitude to EGH for being such an important part of the RHF family, and for keeping up the spirit of the late Dr Yonzon alive and kicking.

While this annual report is a record of our achievements in the past year, it is also an open invitation for the dynamic, young researchers and professionals to join the efforts of RHF in building the new generation that can secure the environment to meet the aspirations of the people in the Himalayas. We look forward to your ideas and suggestions.

 Prof Dr Pitamber Sharma

[ Download the Annual Report Here ]