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Policy Dialogue Updates

The XVth Policy Dialogue was organized on 15 th January at Dr Pralad Yonzon Memorial Conservation Chautari, RHF. Over 15 experts and 11 Members of Parliament actively participated on the theme of Abandoned Land and Food Security. Drs Krishna Paudel and Bharat Shrestha made presentations based on their findings of the research. Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources (PCAWR) MP Mr Mohan Baral chaired the program. RHF with WWF Nepal has been organizing the Policy Dialogue in support of the PCAWR with an objective to analyze the situation in scientific approach, and will attempt to develop alternative solution and produce a shared vision which could be translated into appropriate policy measures by bringing the think-tanks, policy makers and implementers in a common platform. This time, College of Development Studies and MODE Nepal also joined the program.