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World Rhino Day 2016

Environmental Graduates in Himalaya, has a long tradition of marking important days in regard with environment and conservation. “World Rhino day 2016” was celebrated on 23rd September by organizing a talk event about Rhino and its conservation issues. Two guest speakers relating the field of rhino conservation were invited as the presenters while university students and researchers were the participants. The program started with the welcome note and program introduction by Ms Rasmi Kunwar, EGH coordinator. The opening presentation was from Dr Naresh Subedi, Senior Conservation Officer, NTNC. Through his presentation entitled as “Rhinoceros Ecology, count and current challenges on rhinoceros conservation”, he disclosed the status of rhino distribution in Nepal along with threats and conservation issues. Moreover, he described about rhino population estimation methods, along with their effectiveness. Mr. BK Dalit, as a second presenter, presented about "Youth-led Mission Conservation Initiative/Mission Rhino 2020" and shared about the hard struggles done by his team to get justice against wildlife crime (relating rhino) as a part of his team's mission. 

The program ended with the closing remarks and vote of thanks by Prof Umesh K Mandal, Board Member, Resources Himalaya Foundation.