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On 26th February, 2016 we all the EGH members and distinguished guests (35ppl) were gathered once again for the grand celebration of EGH Day ‘The day of all the Environmental Graduates’. The program started with the welcome note from the EGH coordinator Ms Kalpana KC as she described about the EGH Day celebration and briefly introduced all of us about EGH, what it is, what are its mission, its total members, activities and EGH fund along with a video clip including all the activities performed by EGH in 2015. EGH was formed by Late Dr Pralad Yonzon when he thought of protecting environment and biodiversity in the Himalaya by building knowledge-based human resources amongst graduates through research, training and mentorship. By this date EGH has been successful for saving around NPR 2, 45, 270.00 in its account. In the last eight years, EGH has carried out standout performances with several activities like Pralad Yonzon Conservation Forum (PYCF), Guff-Gaff, Headlines Himalaya- an Environmental watchdog, Graduate Open House, Open Forum/Seminars, Training on R program, and Trainings (SPSS, Remote Sensing, Modeling and Multivariate analysis of Ecological Data, GIS, Proposal writing, Dendrochronology Training), events like Save the Frogs, Symposium on Frogs, Symposium on Red Pandas in Nepal and World Environment Day.

We celebrated EGH Day sharing outcomes of researches via “Young Researchers Paper Competition” (YRPC)

YRPC was initiated by our former coordinator- Ms Upama Kc back in 2014. This is our third year of contiuing YRPC. This year, cash prize was contributed by her- Upama Kc and would like to thank her for generous support. Ms Kc is doing her second Masters from University in British Columbia, Canada.We wish her all the best!

The judge panelists were Dr Kamal Adhikari and Dr Ram Devi Tachamo. Ms Sabita Gurung from Central Department of Zoology, (Ecology and Environment) won against seven presenters by presenting her research work entitled “Effects of Land Use and Land Cover on occurrence of Barn owl (Tyto Alba Scopoli, 1769) in Kathmandu valley”. There were several other participants from Khwopa College, Central Department of Environment Science (TU), and other colleges.

Prof Umesh K Mandal, Board Member, RHF gave the vote of thanks and also acknowledge all the editors of Headlines Himalaya of 2015. Ms Patanjali Yonzon Shrestha delivered speech about Headlines Himalaya.

We would like to thank all for your wishes, remembering us, your contribution towards EGH and celebrating our 8th annual day with us! We would also like to thank Dr Pralad Yonzon for giving us, this wonderful platform to the young graduates. We would not have been here without you Sir! You are truly missed!!!