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GUFF GAFF - February 2016

This time we had Prof. Dr Madan Koirala, Professor in Department of Environmental Science and Technology, Tribhuwan University. Dr Koirala completed his PhD in Environmental Science from School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi in 2002.The topic for the discussion was “Ecological Energetic of Mountain Agro Ecosystem a case of TMJ eastern Nepal” where Dr Koirala shared his ideas and knowledge on the agro ecosystem practices in two different villages named Tamafok and Madimulkharka of Nepal. During the talk programme he briefed about the agro culture practices, ecological and socio-economic attributes of the village which were under study. He explained about the annual energy input and output pattern and output/input ratio for the mixed cropping in the two different village of mountain region. He also shared the inputs and outputs parameters of ecological energetic and said that the agro ecosystem in mountain is highly effective. He presented the percent of energy shared in different input and output activities of the agro ecosystem where farmyard manure were with highest input in agro ecosystem. We would like to thank Dr Koirala for giving his time.