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Asia-Pacific Peace and Development Service Alliance,(APPDSA)South Asia Sub-Regional Forum on Youth Volunteerism to promote Participation, Development and Peace

Resources Himalaya Foundation marked its presence as one of the supporting partners for the two day program which was organized by Economic and Social Commission for Asia(ESCAP) and the Pacific, Government of Nepal,Ministry of Youth and Sports and Global Peace Foundation on April 23 -24, 2016 along with other supporting partners. On the discussion round, the program had three parallel sessions on three clusters, i.e.Peace and Harmony, Disaster Management and Environment Services. Each cluster were further divided into five thematic areas. Each cluster had five panelists, who discussed on the thematic area provided to them. On Action Planning Session, the participants were asked to develop project model based on the thematic area they choose. On April 24, the participants presented their project model. On each cluster, the best project model on each thematic area were awarded by the evaluation team. The program concluded with the closing remarks by guest and distribution of certificates to the participants and the supporting partner organizations.