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This time we had Mr Dilli Bhattarai, Research Fellow in The Small Earth Nepal. Mr Bhattarai completed his MSc in Environmental Education and Climate Change from Central Department of Environmental Science; Tribhuwan University Kathmandu, Nepal .The topic for the discussion was “Experience from AGU15: Importance of Networking and Science Communication for Early Career Researchers” where Mr Bhattarai shared his ideas and knowledge on the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2015 which was held in San Francisco, USA in last December month. During the talk programme he briefed about the ways and methods to participate in such international gathering, conference and seminars. He explained how to find the right option to become a participant in national and international workshops and asked the young graduates to involve in such huge conference so as to gain the networking and the knowledge about the current issues, happenings around the world. He also shared the world largest conference and meetings where he presented his poster presentation on Glacier Lake Outburst Flood. We would like to thank Mr Bhattari for giving his time.