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Nepal Elephant Action Plan

Resources Himalaya has completed the elephant conservation action plan draft for the Government of Nepal, using technical expertise of Dr. Pralad Yonzon with a 9 member team. The action plan under review with the Western Terai Landscape Complex Project(WTLCP), recognizes people as the custodian of the land and makes an all out effort in building strong linkages between rural communities, academic institutions, government agencies, donors in Nepal and international communities. The goal of the Elephant Conservation Action Plan of Nepal is to save the elephants in the wild from extinction, immediately address habitat loss and mitigate associated people-elephant conflict. By grasping knowledge-based information and active land management, it is hoped that people – elephant conflicts are minimized and benefits accrue to protect wild elephants in Nepal.

This action plan differs from others by being people centered and progressive by constituting a team that will look after the progress of the action plan. It also embarks upon ground-level planning with technical assistance so that all 17 Terai and 2 Hill district communities take care of their land, conserve elephants and protect themselves through planning, implementing and monitoring of the action plan activities. The action plan prescribes six objectives with twenty-one activities, estimated to cost US$ 2,625,000 over a 10 year period.