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Discovery of Bhutan Drukgyal Deer

The Drukgyal deer (Cervus unicolor himalayansis), a new deer (subspecies) to science was discovered in Thrumshingla National Park, central Bhutan by Dr. Pralad Yonzon and his 4 man Bhutanese team in 2002. It is different from both the sambar (Cervus unicolor) and the red deer (Cervus elaphus hanglu and C. e. wallichii) of the Himalaya, by having: 1)  Skull with hexagonal plate, 2) white rump patch, 3) long rump hair, 4) a light brown tail with pale white edge and 5) closely set 3-tine antler. Its alarm call is high pitched bark against the sambar’s distinctive call. Its hexagonal plate-like skull is not found in the sambar. Other distinct cranial features are also described.




Yonzon, P. 2002. Discovery of the Drukgyal Deer in the Bhutan Himalaya. Resources Himalaya. Kathmandu. ISBN: 99933-412-0-7